Theatre 20 is a Toronto-based, artist-led theatre company formed to present story-driven musicals by developing new Canadian works and by re-imagining existing repertoire.

It aims to nurture the talent of writers and composers and foster the development of young artists through mentorship and education programs.


  • To create a unique voice for modern musical theatre
  • To foster new works and re-imagine existing repertoire
  • To be active participants in the arts community through outreach, education and mentorship
  • To advocate for Canadian composers and their unsung work
  • To create, educate and celebrate story-driven musical theatre


Theatre 20 produces work with creative integrity and honest storytelling. Our aim is to be edgy and accessible, evocative and modern, moving and socially relevant. We want to honour the form of musical theatre by creating refreshing productions that fulfill our artists creatively and entertain our audiences completely. Theatre 20 shows are stripped of artifice and focus on the characters and the story. They are both simple and profound.


Theatre 20 is again opening its doors for submissions of new Canadian musicals, both finished and in development. We last saw pitches in Spring 2011.

Theatre 20 invites all musical theatre creators to pitch their musicals – we are looking for professionally unproduced musicals (those who have been produced on the Festival circuit, public readings and/or workshops are welcome).

From May 4-6, 2013 Theatre 20 will host 20-minute sessions for each chosen creative team to PITCH their musical composition.

Please include in your submission:

1. The names of the book writer, composer, lyricist and any other collaborators

2. A resume or short bio of all involved members
Half-page maximum per bio.

3. The title and a short synopsis of your piece
Two page maximum – include description of the piece, cast size, musical style and a paragraph detailing what inspired you to write this story. Please also note any workshops/readings the piece has had previously.

A draft of the libretto and score must be available at the session. These materials will not be returned.

Should you be allotted a session you will be notified by April 26th and given a time and location. If you are not able to join us in Toronto we will also be accepting Skype pitches from artists across Canada. Not all who submit will be allotted a slot but all submissions will be thoroughly examined.


Theatre 20 launches “The Company We Keep,” an intimate series of cabaret events at downtown Toronto’s Jazz Bistro.

In a warm and intimate atmosphere, theatre lovers will truly enjoy an up-close and personal evening with Theatre 20’s Founding Artists.

The series will launch at the newly renovated venue in July with a celebration of musical theatre composers hosted by Tamara Bernier Evans, Dan Chameroy and Trish Lindström. Each month following, a Theatre 20 Founding Artist or Artists will celebrate songs on a musical theme across the spectrum of genres.

Come enjoy an exclusive series of intimate evenings with Theatre 20!

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