Lotus Exige S: This Is SEX ON WHEELS!

Article: Lotus Exige S: This Is SEX ON WHEELS!

Lotus Exige S is the most exciting lightweight sports car with quite number of striking features! This classy variety of sports car has been added to the Lotus family right from the year 2007. The most astounding factor on Exige S is, it is extremely weightless and it weighs just 2057lbs and it is power-driven by a 218hp high-revving supercharged engine easing up 0 – 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.

Lotus proudly says that Exige S is the “quickest Lotus production car – so far”, which has all unique qualities featuring the rider to have an impressive drive. The latest Lotus Exige S is designed in a way, where it can pull above 120mph. Moreover, Exige S holds a compact and closed line that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine. The Lotus Exige S makes use of the two-position cam, with further addition of torque.

The Exige S clasps the floor as retentively as a compact mass of hint hooked on a field of Velcro. The Lotus Exige S steering is single-handed, but it simply go rounds the corners and it will never be missed anytime. Start your drive with the branded Lotus Exige S sports car and enjoy the pleasure of your drive.

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